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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is vested with the broadest powers to act on behalf of the ASQPE.

Its functions include:

  • Create sector committees, define their composition and their operating process,
  • Approve the certification rules and regulations prepared by the sector committees,
  • Coordinate the action of the sector committees,
  • Designate the bodies responsible for the processing of applications for certification, the inspection of the certified companies and the laboratories in charge of the corresponding tests,
  • Decide any study mission or investigation in connection with the certification,
  • Approve the issuance of certificates of conformity, their renewal on proposal from the sector committees,
  • Negotiate any mutual recognition agreements with similar organisations,
  • Launching any action to promote the ASQPE activities,
  • Decide and implement the quality policy.

The Board shall appoint one of its members to ensure the function of “quality manager” which consists of:

  • Monitor the quality policy of the organisation,
  • Define the quality system documentation and validate the projects submitted for the corresponding documents,
  • Ensuring the adequacy and the correct application of the quality system,
  • Analyse information, complaints from clients and non-conformity or remarks from internal or external audits,
  • Animate the management reviews of the quality system.