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Prestressing steels

The prestressing steels are high tensile strength steels (wire, strand or bar). They are intended to prestress structures or structural elements prefabricated or not. They may also be used in other applications such as ground anchorages, lifting loads, lashing, cable-stayed structures.

They consist of three main families:

  • The “bare” prestressing steels are not coated, protected or sheathed. They may be wires, strands or bars. Their surface may be plane or indented.
  • The “coated prestressing” steels are “bare” prestressing steels which during the manufacturing process have undergone an operation for metallic coating by hot-dipping in a metallic bath generally zinc, zinc alloy or any other coating. These are essentially wires and plain strands.
  • The “sheathed protected” prestressing steels are “bare” or “coated” prestressing steels, essentially plain strands, to which protection (for example, grease, wax) is applied. They are then coated with a polyofin sheath.

The ASQPE certification rules define among others:

  • The process and the management of the certification,
  • The constituent documents of the application dossier,
  • The prescriptions relative to the quality and technical specifications,
  • The method of supervision of the certified products and of the renewal of the certificate.