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Certification rules and regulations

The certification rules and regulations fully describe the certification process of products or services of competence of the ASQPE. The need for certification rules and regulations can be expressed by the sector committee concerned.

This need is validated by the Board based on the following criteria:

  • Technical specifications for products or services are or will soon be the object of a sufficient consensus,
  • The means of evaluation (audits, inspections, tests) exist or are likely to become rapidly available,
  • The application can become financially independent,
  • The certification represents real progress in improving the quality of the works.

The certification rules and regulations include among others:

  • The purpose and scope,
  • The procedure for obtaining a certificate,
  • The definition of products / services and the corresponding specifications,
  • The marking procedures,
  • The obligations of the applicant or the holder of a certificate,
  • The bodies involved in the certificate award process and renewal,
  • The surveillance exercised by ASQPE,
  • The decisions under surveillance,
  • The procedure to follow by the holder in case of change of the conditions that influence obtaining a certificate,
  • The financial arrangements.