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Operating procedures

ASQPE is currently administered by a council of five physical persons representing the members: two for college A, one for college B, two for college C.
Sector-specific committees are created by the Board of Directors in order to ensure, under its delegation, management of procedures for processing certification applications or renewals and, amongst other things, preparation of the certification rules and regulations.

To date, two sector-specific committees have been constituted:

  • The prestressing sector committee (CSP) responsible for prestressing steels, post tensioning kits, injection of special grouts and flexible products, implementation of post tensioning kits.
  • The equipment sector committee (CSE) responsible for structural bearings, expansion joints for bridges, waterproofing (prefabricated and liquid), anti-seismic devices.

The structuring into three colleges of the Association, of its Board of Directors, sector committees and certification committees, with divided powers and no predominant interest, makes it possible to guarantee the impartiality of the operating rules and decisions.