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Permanent secretariat

The ASQPE domestic services consist of staff paid by ASQPE and grouped in a Permanent Secretariat. It currently consists of a technical manager and an assistant.

The main tasks of the Permanent Secretariat are:

  • The overall operation and management of ASQPE,
  • The implementation and application of quality policy,
  • The management of the audits, tests and the entire process of certification,
  • The participation in national, European and international standardisation activities,
  • Contacts and relations with organizations and bodies with similar purpose,
  • The technical secretariat of ASQPE and the sector committees,
  • The general and daily secretariat of ASQPE.

Other services (tests, inspections and audits, instructions of applications for certification, etc) will possibly be subcontracted to experts and to specialized companies such as IFSTTAR or CEREMA.